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The 2024 British Transplant Games will take place in Nottingham, at dates to be confirmed. We’ll share further information as soon as it becomes available. Registration for the next British Transplant Games is expected to open in February 2024.

Now that the Coventry Games has long past, it is time to look forward to the 2024 British Transplant Games.

This year there were nine ALTA members who participated in the games with outstanding success, a very small number considering ALTA have approximately 250 members and over 300 followers on the ALTA Facebook Group.

At the 2023 ALTA Annual General Meeting, several people enquired about entering the games and the sports that were available.

You will see the BTG Schedule for Coventry 2023, identifies the adult activities and timings during the four days of the Games, this is also supported by the Sports Information, which identifies all sports both children and adults and the categories that you would compete under, this is the draft document that was produced for Coventry 2020, which was cancelled due to the Covid Pandemic, but it will give you an indication of the age groups, where applicable, for sports you may wish to enter.

The Nottingham British Transplant Games have oppened registrations.

Things to remember:

·         You DO NOT have to be an experienced or champion athlete to compete.

·         If you are a member of ALTA, you will receive sponsorship.  

Members of Addenbrooke’s Liver Transplant Association could be eligible to partial funding to compete at BTG 2024 in Nottingham! Would you like to participate and compete in the Addebrooke’s Transplant Team? Please contact us to enquire.

The British Transplant Games are a celebration of the gift of life. The event gathers transplanted children and adults from all over the UK who are enjoying and honouring their new life post transplant. You don’t have to be a pro at any modality. All it takes for you to get involved and compete is to have the gift of a healthy life.

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