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You can raise funds for ALTA simply by shopping online!  Each year through Give as you Live, thousands of charities from schools to regional charities and even the largest national charities across the UK raise thousands of pounds to help fund their projects, campaigns and running costs.  Give as you Live helps facilitate this by turning a percentage of every penny spent online by a charity’s supporters into a donation from the retailer straight to the charity.  It doesn’t cost the charity or the supporter a penny.  We have registered ALTA with Give as you Live and all we need now is for online shoppers to support us, so before dismissing the idea, perhaps on the grounds that your favourite shop will not be listed, please just check it out!  The number of retailers involved is vast and includes major supermarkets, garden product sites, travel companies – even energy companies.  It is very little trouble so if ever you shop online, do please consider this.  Just go to or “click” on the Logo above.